Stage Backdrops Can Give A Real-Life Ambiance To Shows

stage backdrops are a critical part of any performanceDances, plays, operas and other shows satiate the appetite of those who crave for entertainment. Backdrops are used for in these shows to create a real-life ambiance people can discern. These backdrops can help these viewers to experience the right emotions or moods of the performances. But, producers of shows may face difficulties in finding the right backdrops. The point is that the backdrops should be suitable for the shows. In fact, organizing a performance itself is a challenge. Among the various tasks involved in organizing a show, finding the right backdrops to create the right ambiance and to set the right moods may be a bigger challenge.

Most of the times, you may find that your budgetary allocation does not match with the costs of the backdrops. In such situations, you may try to create backgrounds with whatever materials that are available with you. But, if you have sufficient funds with you, you can get the required backgrounds designed by a professional. Many big production houses prefer this option. The costs of the backgrounds mainly depend upon their sizes and the materials with which they are made.

Stage backdrops should be hung in such a manner that the stage crew do not find it difficult to change them and also swap the other props according to the changes in the scenes. In some of the shows, there may be a necessity for using two or more number of backgrounds simultaneously. But, use of multiple backdrops depends again on the budget of the production company.

Backdrops are used not only in stage shows but also for taking photographs. Especially, when group photographs are taken, good and attractive backgrounds may be desired because such backgrounds may accord a professional as well as beautiful touch to the photographs.

Theme parties are another occasion where backdrops are generally used. If right backdrops are used, the entire ambiance will be completely transformed and those who take part in such parties can have a great time in such backgrounds.

When you want to buy backdrops for your stage productions, you can decide to buy them online. These backdrops are available for rent also. Having them on rent whenever needed may work out cheaper. If you have enough funds and want customized backdrops, you can get them designed according to your requirements.

You can make the backdrops on your own also but it is a difficult but not an impossible task. If you want to undertake this endeavor despite its difficulties, you should remember that the materials required for making them are very expensive. That is the reason you are advised to entrust the task to professionals or rent the required backdrops whenever you need them.

In general, backdrops may be pictures or paintings of geographically or historically important places. They are mostly used in theaters. Especially, backdrops are chosen for creating an ambiance that is appropriate to the period of the incidents that are shown in the theater shows. This means that if right backdrops are chosen, they will take the audience to the time and place of the happenings shown in these shows. So, the viewers will be in the right mood to experience vicariously the incidents and actions shown in the plays. But, you should ensure that the backdrops used are pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. If the backdrops have the right combination of colors, there will be an aesthetic touch in them and so, they can hold the viewers in thrall.

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Why Creative Stage Lighting Is Important To Create An Impact In The Minds of The Audience

Directors of shows, dances, operas and plays may have done a thorough job of organizing everything for staging them but only by having the right stage lighting, they can create an impact in the minds of the audience because such a lighting can only convey the theme, emotions and the ideas of the shows or plays effectively. So, a lighting designer should have not only abundant technical capabilities but an artistic eye also for doing creative stage lighting for such shows. This means the designer can enhance the values of these shows by applying his creative prowess. The designer should consider the following factors for providing the right type of lighting so that the places where the shows are conducted get the required face-lift and also for enhancing the efficacy of the shows.

- The main factor the designer should take into account is that the audience should be able to see the performers, the background and the significant props, if any, that are used on the stage clearly. Especially, the emotions of the players should be “visible” to the viewers. Some of the props or the background on the stage may be highly important for the shows and only if the viewers see them clearly, they can understand their right importance. The creativity of the designer should work in synergy with that of the director of the shows.

- The designer should visit the places where the shows will be held several times before the shows are staged for inspecting them and deciding on the lighting. The stages have to be lit at various places. Lights may have to focus from the front, from the top, from the sides and even from the back. Such a lighting combination alone may give depth to the stage. Otherwise, the stage itself may have a flat look. Sometimes, the director of the show may feel that the shadow in certain spots, contrast and a layered set-up on the stage may be necessary for showing certain shapes or forms clearly. Especially, shows that depict mystery and emotions like fear may need effective use of shadows and dark spots on the stage. The designer should be able to use his creativity and visualize the requirements of the director and adjust the lighting accordingly.

- The director of these shows and performances may wish that the viewers should pay rapt attention throughout the shows and more so, on certain parts of the shows. The designer should understand the needs of the director and arrange the lighting suitably to get the maximum effect.

- The creative stage lighting should be so appropriate that the ambiance of the scene of the play, the time of the incidents shown in the show, etc. are clearly shown to the viewers. If the play or show is about a historical happening, the lighting should be appropriate for that historical period.

- The designer of the creative stage lighting should understand the complete details of the show, opera, dance, etc. so that he arranges lighting in the most suitable manner so that the viewers understand the moods and emotions of the shows correctly.

If the creative stage lighting of the shows fulfills all these aspects, the shows or performances are certain to create a huge impact on the minds of the viewers.

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LED Stage Lighting, A Perfect Choice For Cost Control

An LED Stage LightThe economic slow-down has affected almost all the fields and the fields of theaters and playhouses are no exception. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. So, theaters and playhouses are finding innovative ways to keep their costs under control so that they can continue in the field despite their budget constraints. One of the ways they adopt to keep their costs under control is to use LED stage lighting for their programs and performances.

Not only for theaters and playhouses, LED lights are increasingly being used in homes and offices also because of their low energy consumption. Due to the low energy consumption of these lights, small stages that face a severe budget constraint are slowly switching to LED stage lighting. The same is the case with school stages also. These lights offer compact and perfect solutions for lighting the school stages. Small theaters make optimum use of the portability and the variety of these LED lights.

Another advantage with LED stage lighting is that these lights are light in weight. They do not emit much heat and there is no need of fear of UV radiation from them. Therefore, they are less hazardous than other types of stage lighting. Performers need not have any worry about possible fire accidents due to LED stage lighting. The main reason for such a low rate of heat emission from these lights is due to the fact that almost the complete energy is transformed into light energy instead of being converted as heat energy. This means that LED stage lighting can give very good brightness to the stages where it is used at a very low cost.

The technology that is used in LED stage lighting is very much useful for creating many colors like red, green, blue, etc. on the stage. So, the providers of LED stage lighting can create a melange of colors by combining them judiciously so as to take the audience to unknown territories. The right amalgam of colors may literally unfold a feast because all the moods and emotions will become “visible” to the viewers with LED stage lighting.

Dimmability is one of the main advantages of LED stage lighting. Unlike incandescent lamps and fluorescent lights, LED lights can be dimmed better. These lights can be turned on and turned off quickly also. They have a longer service life than other forms of lighting including traditional lights. Some people still think that the initial expenses of installing this lighting is quite high. But, the initial installation costs will be offset by their long service life. Another point to remember is that since a lot of research has been taking place in this field, the costs are certain to come down when new innovations start trickling in. Once this lighting becomes cost-effective, it will certainly be sought not only by theater groups but for being used in households and offices also.

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How A Proper Stage Lighting Design Can Transform An Ordinary Performance Into An Extraordinary One

Extraordinary stage lightingDance performances, shows, operas, etc. are produced to entertain people because the producers justifiably believe that the audience can comprehend things with their five senses. Though stage lighting should enhance the effects of these shows and performances, many production houses do not give the right type of importance to this. Due to this, an excellent performance or program may become “lifeless” and unnatural with no sense of aliveness in it. So, it will turn out to be a damp squib. On the contrary, even an ordinary performance can become a huge success if a proper stage lighting design is adopted. This means that lighting is an art that can make or mar stage performances. It is not that you should spend huge amounts for turning a performance into a successful one. Even a low-budget and simple lighting can do the trick if done with creativity and innovation and with imaginative eyes.

Nowadays, many of the production houses have their own lighting designers and these designers will take over all the responsibilities for lighting the stage as well as bringing all the necessary special effects needed for converting these performances into huge hits. The designers have to discuss every lighting detail with the directors of the shows or performances because it is the director of the show who ultimately calls the shots. Not only that, it is the director and the creator who may have internally visualized to project certain ideas and unless the lighting helps in conveying these ideas in the right manner, the performances can not be assumed to have achieved success. That is for which the lighting designers should have constant discussions with the creative directors of the performances. Of course, there will be a crew that may assist the designers in arranging the special lighting effects required for the performances.

If you do not have a lighting designer, you can think of using various packages available in the market. But, you should study the packages thoroughly before choosing the right one that may suit your production. Such packages will include everything related to lighting like bulbs, reflectors  housing, connectors, electrical cords and so on. You may get clamps for mounting the fittings. You can procure other items like floodlights, projectors, etc. also. Nowadays, spotlights are becoming increasingly popular in stage lighting. If you wish to shoot the performances using video cameras, the stage or the place should be suitably lighted for which you can use HID and fluorescent lamps.

You should remember that there are no set rules for designing stage lighting. The creative director and the designer must have threadbare discussions and decide the effects they need on the stage. Your performances may become successful if you get the effects you desire to have. But, the designer should check if all the accessories are in good working condition. The designer should visit the place of the performance much before the event and inspect it thoroughly because he or she can not conceive an idea that may not go well with the place. Not only that, the designer should satisfy himself or herself about the safety aspects of the place because stage lighting can not be done in unsafe places.

The designer may use various combinations of several lights in the right proportion to create the desired ambiance or effects on the stage. In fact, only if such combinations are used, the right effect may emerge. Experts also point out that a single or few sources may cause severe strain to the eyes of the viewers. Further, since a single or few sources of lighting will be coming from only one or a few directions, the other areas will appear to be dark. So, this idea is not good for improving the texture of the place. On the other hand, if the designer uses a number of sources for lighting a stage, the texture of the place will improve to a great extent. The audience can have comfortable viewing also. You need not worry if lighting from multiple sources will increase the energy bills. You can keep the bills under control by using bulbs of low wattage.

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